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     The prestigious Business Finance Consultant (BFC) designation is awarded by The Loan Consultants, Inc. to their nationwide network of independently owned and operated loan brokerage companies.  These companies offer highly personalized service and help cut through the red tape that is often involved in securing business loans from banks and other lending institutions.  You save time by having your loan or lease directed to the most appropriate funding source.  You are not limited to one funding source.  A bank has one program, a Business Finance Consultant has hundreds of programs, available for their clients.
     By having access to a Business Finance Consultant you have access to hundreds of funding sources across the United States as well as Canada and the U.K.  These funding sources are monitored daily for the best interest rates and terms available to your business.

1. Acquisition- Loans 10. Equipment Leasing
2. Start-up Loans 11. Commercial Property Loans
3. Inventory Loans 12. Unsecured Borrowing
4. Accounts Receivable Loans 13. Lines of Credit
5. Factoring 14. Warehouse Financing
6. Government Guaranteed Loans 15. Machinery Loans
7. Working Capital Loans 16. Flooring Lines
8. Agricultural Loans 17. International Loans 
9. Purchase Order Financing 18. Virtually ANY TYPE OF BUSINESS  LOAN!
       There has always been financing sources ready to handle any type of legitimate business loan or lease.  However most business owners don't know who they are or where to find them.  Accountants and other financial consultants can charge businesses exorbitant fees to help find financing, with no guarantee of success.  A Business Finance Consultant's fees are normally contingent on your loan funding and  are paid by the lender, so it costs you nothing to use their services.