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BFC's enjoy the respect of their customers 

-  And have the testimonials to prove it.

      "We're in the retail petroleum business; we own and operate gas stations. Only certain lenders lend in our industry, and if you don't know who they are and how to deal with them, you'll have difficulty getting funded.  Our Business Finance Consultant knew who to take our loans to and how to get them approved and funded.  We concentrate on our business while he takes care of our borrowings.  We're quite pleased." (Barry B.)
      "We were pleasantly surprised by what our Business Finance Consultant could do for us without our having to show financial statements.  Ours is a professionally managed private corporation and we don't like to show our financials if we can avoid it.  Our Business Finance Consultant was able to arrange a lease on a $200,000 production machine for us with only a one-page equipment lease application.  The payments were surprisingly reasonable, and the lessor was excellent." (Monica D.)
     "We own an office building and it was time for us to refinance it due to a call date.  The loan was for $4,500,000.  What we enjoyed about our Business Finance Consultant was his professionalism, and that he brought us to an excellent national commercial real estate lender.  The rates were better than those available from local banks.  We would be pleased to bring our future needs to our Business Finance Consultant, and to recommend others to him; our attorney referred him to us." (Abe F.)
    "No one factors the receivables of construction subcontractors, and I couldn't get a bank to lend to me on them.  Then last year, a Business Finance Consultant called me and asked if he could be of service on my receivables.  He took my receivables to a full service accounts receivable company, and now I can run more jobs.  My payments to vendors are up to date, and I am much more profitable.  Why didn't I meet him 15 years ago?" (Sally L.)

Keeping customers #1 is the only way to become #1 yourself.  BFCs attract borrowers because they do more for them - and they do it with the highest degree of speed and professionalism.  It's that simple.